Blueberry Fruit

The blueberry is a fruit that is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber that has few calories and is rich in water and nutrients, and can be included in the Mediterranean diet. This fruit can be eaten in its natural form or used to make juices, smoothies or jams. Its consumption can also help to reduce muscle fatigue.
Organic Certification
Licence 2-6714
+100 ton
Annual Production
+7 países
<48 hr
Harvest & Shipping

Production Season

It starts at the end of May, and increases in June and July, continuing in August and starts to reduce in mid-September.

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Harvest and Conditioning

Manual harvesting is carried out, chosen by caliber, texture, general condition and then it is packaged at the customer's choice, within 48 hours, so that it reaches the final consumer as fresh as possible.


Shipments are made by land and air, always subject to consultation with our provider of this service