Blueberry Plants

Vaccinium corymbosum was the first to be developed for commercial production and is the source of the majority of blueberries worldwide for fruit production. This is because this species presents the best balance between vigour, productivity and fruit quality.
Berrysmart produces and sells blueberry plants, in its seed-plot which is licensed by the Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária under the number 6714.
Organic Certification
Licence 2-6714
+100 ton
Annual Production
+7 países
<48 hr
Harvest & Shipping


Alix Blue
New Hanover
Entre outras

These and other varieties in P9, 1L, 2L liters, upon request.

Production Calendar

The blueberry has specific parameters in its production. When choosing cultivars, the minimum temperatures that are felt in the region should be taken into account, meeting the cold hour requirements of each variety during its vegetative resting phase.

Varietal Table
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Preparation and Conditioning

The plant is in our nurseries and it is prepared by our employees for the expedition, that happens in pallets or crates.

Ordering the plants, should be made in advance, and for such, you should contact Berrysmart.


Shipments are made by land and air, always subject to consultation with our provider of this service.